Research and Development

Research & Development for Formulation is delegated to our efficient team of experienced chemists, scientists and technicians. The well co-ordinated team takes pride in creating an alternative process for the various formulations. For formulation development the team is equipped to conduct the following processes:

  • Optimization of the process
  • Development of analytical methods
  • Evaluation and techno-marketing studies
  • Validation of diagnostic methods
  • Technology transfer

Our dream team is keen to work out the best permutation and combination of materials and manufacturing methods. As new methods and technologies help us to evaluate the effectiveness of our compounds, the facility constantly works towards the development of technologically challenging products.

Our specialist team does their best to contribute to the progress of pharmaceutical science and healthcare system. We build collaboration with other teams of researchers, companies and scientific institutions to contribute into the development of innovative pharmaceutical technologies.

Our specialists at Aegonpharma Labs maintain personal and professional integrity in all aspects of their work. At Aegonpharma Labs, we use the latest technologies and improve our research and development activities that are principally directed towards product quality, reliability and safety. We strive to achieve the positive results in all our efforts as we care about the wealth and health of the consumers who come to us.